Indoor game facilities

Sr. No Description of Facility Quantity
1 Multi Gymnasium 1
2 Table tennis Table 1
3 Chess Board 8
4 Carrom Board 5
5 Boxing 1( Complete kit for the entire team )
6 Fencing 1( Complete kit for the entire team )
7 Cricket 1( Complete kit for the entire team )
8 Hockey 1( Complete kit for the entire team )

Outdoor Game facilities:

SR. No Description of Facility Quantity
1 Basket ball court 1
2 Net Ball ground 1
3 Kabaddi Ground 1

Equipment, special kits and any other essential requirements along with first aid facility are always available and provided for all the games and sporting events. However, the indoor and outdoor facilities which are not available to us we hire them from neighboring colleges or use the local sports associations ground located in and around the vicinity of the college. The college also avails the facility of the sports ground of its sister concerned institutions as and when required.

  • Health and hygiene
  • The college has Health Care Centre in the premises.
  • A qualified fulltime doctor is available in the campus.
  • First Aid facilities are available.
  • Basic medicines are also stored in the health centre so as to supply them to the students based on the doctor’s prescription free of charge.
  • In emergency situation the college and teachers provide their vehicles for shifting the sick students to the nearby hospitals.

The college has a health care centre under the responsibility of a full time qualified medical doctor and also a full time medical lab technician they are offering honorary services in health care.

The medical examinations for all first year students at the entry level are conducted by this health centre. During this medical examination if any students are diagnosed with specific deficiencies or any physical, dental or any other biological disorders are communicated and immediate medical attention and care is given to the students. Fortunately the college is centrally located with very close proximity to hospitals, Deendayal, Joshi Prayaag etc. The health centre each term organizes special check-up camps for girl students in collaboration with University health check up centre. Another regular feature of health centre to offer free medical check up to orphan students who came from neighborhood areas for ten day